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Being your best during basketball season means developing your skills off-season!
Kaneland Youth Basketball would like to announce a FREE off-season program designed to help Boys & Girls develop their shooting skills while having fun …… the Kaneland Basketball Shooting Club!
This is a self-paced program open to both Travel and In-House players. Participants gain membership to “the Club” by attaining the following goal during the period of May 1- October 1: 10,000 MADE baskets (about 65 per day).  We will remind them to only count the baskets they make..and to vary the types of shots they take (free throws, lay ups, jump shots, etc.)

Registering to participate is easy. REGISTER NOW, by simply clicking on Register Online to register.
If you achieve the goal you will be recognized at a 2012-13 Kaneland Knights basketball game. You will also receive a special Kaneland Basketball Shooting Club T-shirt! 
Just use our tracking sheet for documenting your progress. When you turn in your progress monthly, we’ll post it on our website for all their friends to see!

Remember - you only count the baskets you make! Vary the types of shots you take (free throws, lay ups, jump shots, etc.) to get the most benefit from your work. HAPPY SHOOTING!
“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”
Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs