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KYBL Cheerleading Documents

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Cheer Videos - Intermediate/Advanced
This link will take you to a you tube playlist where there are several cheer videos to practice along with.  These cheers are targeted toward our more experienced cheerleaders.  Please check this on a regular basis, as we expect to update it with new cheers.  Note:  There are a couple cheers that use the word "Elburn", these should be changed to "Kaneland".  

Cheer Videos - Beginning
This link will take you to a you tube playlist where there are cheer videos targeted toward our beginning cheerleaders.  The girls can use these to practice at home.  The order of the videos follows along with the beginning cheer list (link at the bottom of this page).

This document provides general information about KYBL Cheerleading as well as the expectations of our participants. 
Please print and sign the final page to hand in to your coach at the first practice.

Cheer Arm Motions
This document shows typical arm motions used in cheers.  These should be practiced in a mirror on a regular basis by participants!  
Remember to be sharp and not to over extend your motions - you arms should be slightly in front of you so they are visible out of the
corner of your eye.

Proper Fist & Wrist Position
This document shows pictures of the proper position for both fists and wrists in cheer.  This should be practiced along  with the arm
motions above.

This document has pictures and descriptions of different cheerleading jumps. They range from basic to advanced in nature.

Cheer List - Intermediate
This is a listing of cheers that we will work on during the season.  

Cheer List - Beginning
This is a listing of cheers for our beginning cheerleaders.  The listing follows the order of the you tube playlist (link above)

Halftime Cheer List
This is a listing of cheers that are a bit longer and can be used for halftime.

Varsity Cheer Warm-Up
This is the warm-up/daily workout that the varsity cheer team uses.